vinter i Haugvegen

this photo is taken from my grandfather house in Haugvegen. I grew up here, and all the neighbors were my friend. most of them were my grandparents age, and I would go by the mailboxes, take out their mail, and deliver them at their doors. an excuse to visit I guess

in the red house there used to live an old man that I would visit from time to time. he was the only one I knew that was alive during the first world war. I had a very limited understanding of what that ment, but it interested me a lot. I would ring his doorbell, and stand patiently outside his door for about three minutes (a long time for a young girl) and ask if he wanted to talk, or if he needed anything at the store. I visit his and many others' grave when I'm at home and my mind goes wandering.

what a wonderful childhood. I'm so happy I can look back at it with a sense of admiration and longing, but still be content with and very happy about being a grown up. all the different times in life are beautiful. be where you are now.

back in business.

I've been away from this blog for a few months now, and it has done me good. I've been above usual productive, and below usual guilt-tripping myself for not getting enough done.

the year so far has been about getting stronger physically and mentally. I've made new friendships, and my life in general is more balanced and centered around acceptance. besides that, I've started making more movies, and by that I mean more time consuming ones.. this is the first of many movies made with blood, sweat and inflammation.



my heart is burning with ambition and love these days, and it doesn't seeme to quench. I hope my readers will come back eventually. there is so much I have to share


one of my favorite mountains on the north-east coast of norway

sometimes you have experiences so intense you feel like the elements just crashed into you. it can either be meeting a soul mate, giving birth, or maybe just when you see a life-changing movie or listen to a song that speaks to you. this post is dedicated to those kind of moments, and this song is one of those experiences.

Rodrigo Amarante – Tardei


remember those walls I built?

baby they're tumbling down, because I finally finished my karaoke movie. I was asked to make one for an event (intermezzo) at the Demon's Mouth gallery in Oslo, and I feel happy about the finished result. I feel like I've been able to communicate exactly what I wanted to, and I have never had that feeling about anything I ever made before.. it ain't perfect, but it's a start, and I'm feeling confident. so for those of you who are not planning on visiting the gallery, I am posting the video here in a week or so, so stay tuned why don't you

(the top gif is of my grandfather a few months ago, and the bottom gif is of my grandmother in the late 60's)

now I see the secret of making the best person: it is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth.

the sky over St. Hanshaugen, Oslo on a September afternoon. where I'm currently planted, and where I currently have a bit too much to do. somehow I always manage to double book myself this time of the year, and this time around proves no different.

I promised myself that I'd take a break from expectations and from this busy life, and focus on centering myself and on absorbing life. I'm not holding myself to my promise that much, but I just have a few things I have to finish first ... #doingitthewrongway

quote by Walt Whitman

pretending it's ok, and that's ok.

everything I thought I knew became shattered by the realization of how I felt. I asked myself if I had only been suppressing my depression, pretending like it didn't exist so that life could be normal. the shock wounded me and my pride, and I felt small and weak. what if I was not the person I thought I was.

then I remembered that it's ok to feel small and weak, and that not having figured yourself out is part of being a human being. the faults we have and the things we struggle with doesn't defines whether we are kind-hearted people or not, and that's what it comes down to. you just have to live with things and accept yourself for it.

wednesday mornings can be revelating

Akira Kosemura – Hicari