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for det er ikkje fela, men sjela som skal spela


everyday people

just a little film starring the lovely people we have in our lives. 




all from workshops with Julie Pike and Ashley Cameron. I usually don't post these kinds of posts here, since this is more of a sanctuary of outbursts then a showcase blog, but I'm trying out this new thing at the moment; it's called letting myself try out new things. who knows what will tumble this way, so stay tuned. crazy things will go down


Henrik // Pholk
Karen // Pholk
Vilde // Pholk


follow the call of the disco ball

I just finished my first and possibly only semester at Bilder Nordic. it has been one of the most exhausting and rewarding things I've ever done, and although it is an end of an era, it feels a lot more like a beginning of something. it's such a cliché, but I am a changed person coming out of it. I don't even know how to begin to explain how wonderful my new friends are.

right now I'm trying to slow things a bit down before I start working on all the projects I've been planning on. things are really spinning, and there are so many exciting things ahead. I think I better put my helmet on


grief - a personal photo project

not my usual stuff this, but I quite like it for that exact reason. it was a personal project in school where I picked grief as my subject. i wanted to portray how, when someone dies, you feel like a part of you die as well, and that's why loosing someone is as hard as it is. it was a lot harder to use photography to portray a specific state or feeling then i thought it would be. the girl with the red hair is Vilde, and girl with brown hair is Julie


cutting and pasting the analog way

a while back I did a few of these little projects, and I think I'll catch up on that hobby very soon. there is something about making things you can actually touch, and not just look at on a screen. thumbs up, and fingers crossed for creativity 


veronica & sunrise



a few months ago, Ingrid and I took a walk through a snow covered scenery where some sunbeams were filtering through the trees. because it was suck a beautiful sight, we started talking about how there is a word for everything. whether it's a state of mind or a description of something, there will always be a word for it in one language or another. waldeinsamkeit is German for the feeling of being alone in the woods, natsukashii is Japanese for feeling a sweat nostalgia and sorrow. so naturally we were wondering what the word for "sunbeams through the trees" was, and what do you know: komorebi 

i took this photo of lovely Vilde, after a photo shoot a few days ago. the final result might just show up in a few days..



oh beautiful Julie! a little outtake from a shoot I did a few days ago. she's a bloody good photographer, so have a look at her site here, will you.